Saturday, 12 December 2009

The winter blues

When December feels like a prison sentence I hate my mothers decision, the one she did in 1955.

Ohh why oh why did my mother decide to move to Sweden? This Hell on earth, this awful place.
I wonder as the bitter cold is slowly creeping up my spinal cord. I just want to lie in my bed all curled up like a cat underneath my eiderdown and wait for spring to arrive. The winter blues has hit me now at full force. I feel like a bitch towards everyone and I hate all niceness. I can’t stand people who tell me that it’s so nice in the north of Sweden in the winter. There selling point is that minus 20 degrees Celsius or more is quite ok and they argue that it is because they have a much dryer coldness in the north. I argue that I would rather burn at the stake than go north in the winter. I have been up north in wintertime and I hate it. The bitter cold the snow and the perishing spruce trees which acidifies the soil beneath them. I so hate spruce that I don’t even have a Christmas tree. I have a Christmas branch instead. It’s from a beech tree. I have used the same branch for a couple of years now. I spray painted it silver and every Christmas I bring it in and hang it in front of my mirror. I put the electric lights on first and then I dress it with tinsel and other ornaments. The beech branch helps me to remember that there is a spring coming. I have always argued that there is nothing so soothing for the soul than spending time in a beech wood just when the first light green tender leaves arrive on the trees. Now it has been confirmed in a scientific report. I heard it on the radio P1. And ha haa haaa (This is my evil laugh) a spruce forest has not the same positive effect on peoples mental health as the beech forest has.

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  1. I agree! The winter in North is if possible much much worse than down here. Your nose will turn into ice and you can't breath. I think I prefer the winter in the Caribbean...