Monday, 21 December 2009

Children I love them and I hate them

Children, we love them and we hate them!
People that tell you I am wrong are liars. All parents hate their children at some point.
Psychologists will try to tell you that what you are feeling is not hate. They want to call it something else. But that is pure and simple bull manure. You do hate your kids so you can just start to deal with it. It is only natural. Mothers that say that they only love there children are just lying through there teeth.

Children carry our hopes and dreams and they don’t deliver, and should not need to deliver our dreams. They don't share our hopes and dreams because they are not us and never will be. We tend to forget this . They live in a different age. We give them every ting they have but it's still not enough. Communication is hard to learn. Communication is based on experience and we all have different experiences. This is why we do not understand each other. When our communication clash we get hurt and when we get hurt we hate.

No, hate is not a strong word. Hate is the opposite to love and without hate you are unable to love and vies verse. A lot of children have heard there parents say: You are the meaning of my life. I see this statement as child abuse. How can you say a thing like this? Do you want to teach your children that they are only important for breeding purposes? All people have a life and a value of there own both children parents.
I try to give my children a taste of experiences that I love. These are not always appreciated. Sometimes I have to fight to give them what they don't want. I fight when I know that what I want to give them has a value for life. And I can tell you that it is not always appreciated. But I also listen to what my children have to say because sometimes I can learn from them. Life with children is a struggle and you do get very tired. When you get exhausted you hurt easily and these two components make you hate. It is allowed to feel it but you must not act on it, just acknowledge it and you are allowed to express these feelings. How else could children learn about feelings.
Don't misinterpret me. I do love my children but sometimes I hate them just like they hate me. The love, however will always win as long as honesty comes first. Honesty is something I can not live without. I could never accept living a lie. I want a life of my own and so should my children. My job is to give them a platform to stand on. When they are ready to fly out of the nest I want them to fly of with confidence and insight. The world will be theirs and they must be able to find their own lives in confidence that I can manage on my own and they know that where ever I am in the world they will always be welcome.

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