Monday, 6 February 2012


We have now advanced into the second month of the year 2012.
I worry about what the world will come to. What will this new year bring us? Will there be more wars, uprisings, bloodshed, poverty, famine and refugees seeking help? It does not look good. The military has not left the power in Egypt and people are still dying there. The people of Tunisia are still suffering. Syria is suffering hard under the hand of their dictator and people are dying every day. African countries need help and when we sit around talking, trying to figure out the best way of helping, mothers abandon their children and leave them to die. In Europe we are forcing Greece to cut costs. Everybody is saying that it is the right thing to do. But everything is relative. If you are rich and want your invested money back then that way is the best, but if you are old and sick and your pension gets cut in half what do you have to live of? If you are young and there is no future in your own country you will leave your country. A country without its youth will die. Where will this leave Greece and their investors? There is a cold spell spreading its frost through out the world now. In countries like Ukraine, Poland, more than 200 homeless people have died. Is this the right path to walk? When you are out off a job you don't get any benefits and you are sent out in the cold to die and nobody cares. Our Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt seems to think along these lines in his talks about the work line. I think that the cold spell is reaching peoples hearts and brains. If you ever wonder about your reason for living on this earth I can tell you. It is to help other people. We are dependent on each other and we need each other. You can not help every one but you can help someone. When you die you can not take your worldly goods with you. Your kindness, good deeds, good feelings, your experience, and your knowledge are gifts that will stay with you always. These are features that you can not give away but they will multiply where ever you go. People are people where ever they are, they may think a little different than you and have other values but that comes from their experience. Deep with in we are all the same so love your neighbour and reach out a helping hand.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Bang! Bang! Winter came

We have had an absolutely lovely autumn this year. It went on and on and on throughout the whole of December and continued to the middle of January. I was praying that we would not have a winter but who am I kidding? Winter has arrived at my doorstep. I’m only slightly upset. It’s not as bad as it was last year when I had to endure from November until April.

In my last post I told you about my new job but I did not tell you about the beautiful roads I drive to get to work. It takes me about three quarters of an hour to drive. I drive through farm country, beautiful beech woods and a lake. I see a lot of animals on my way, mostly farm animals but I see a lot of wildlife also. I have seen foxes, different kind of dear, squirrels, badgers and a lot of different kind of birds. My favourite bird is the kite. Its flight is so wonderful and effortless.

I have a couple of days off now and I am braising myself before the bitter cold and the snow storm that they say is heading our way. The temperature is creeping down and it’s now -10°C.
Hopefully it’s better when I go back to work again. My darling little dog doesn’t get a lot of exercise now because I do not like to go outside. He has to make do with a little run in the field outside our house. And oh, I just remembered I must not forget to feed the birds.