Saturday, 19 December 2009

Christmas is creeping closer by the minute!

Christmas has developed to a very creepy thing in my opinion.
It’s considered mandatory to run around with a fake smile and wish Merry Christmas left right and centre while you are wasting a lot of money on unnecessary things. It is tradition to eat body parts from animals that have lived there lives like hell on earth and then been murdered for money. Where is the good and merry in all this? The environmental agreement went to hell because we in the rich world could not afford it!!!!

No, you see we must spend our money on bread machines, soda streamer, electric blankets, hairdryers and bright flashing vulgar Christmas decorations which all consumes power, so that we can add a little bit more to the greenhouse effect. The point is that Christmas has out played its role and become far too commercial. The awful truth is that we do not care about other people. Our motto is: I'm in the boat Jack Push of

Where is the love that Jesus is supposed to bring to us? Religious people say that it is because we don’t use the love we were given. But I can’t see that religious people give a lot of love, in fact I see quite the opposite. In the US the religious right wing do not want a health insurance for everyone and they spell it right out by saying: Why should I pay fore somebody else. I can not se anything Jesus like in that statement.

I think Jesus is doing summersaults in his grave, yes grave. It is obvious that he is dead. Our only hope is that we can come together and bury our hatchet. I don’t think religion is the key problem I think it is politics.

Let this Christmas be a time to think about your life and others. What is really valuable for you? Once you've got your insight you can start changing

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