Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Starving birds

On my way home today I turned of the big road and took the small country road that I like so much. It’s nice leaving the stress behind. When I drove through the small forest I met a deer who had become tired of walking in the deep snow. They like to come out and rest on the ploughed roads for a while. When he saw my car he hopped into the woods and ran away as fast as he could. It was difficult for him in the deep snow. I feel so sorry for the wild life this winter. When I came home I prepared food for different kind of birds. They got seeds, nuts bread, oatmeal, fat and fruit. I was a bit worried that there wouldn’t be any birds left but they came after about an hour. There were different kinds of tits and after a while two magpies arrived. A lot of people shoe them away but I saw that the little birds weren’t so shy and the poor magpies were just hungry. I made them a special place to eat and gave them special food. They were more frightened than the small birds so I didn’t get any pictures of them. The small birds were so hungry that they let me come close so that I could take some photos. I must now continue to feed them up until spring finally arrives.

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  1. Hello
    The birds were lucky to get food in the sever cold weather:)

    I read the posts about your dogs and cat. They are so cute! I had a cat who was 13years old but last autumn he went to heaven.. He had given me so much support...so I understand your feeling very much.
    Animals and small living creatures are stronger than us...I sometimes feel so. They seem to accept what it is. I learn a lot from them everyday:-)
    I pray that your heart will be melt and feel happy...