Monday, 1 February 2010

The dream

This terrible winter is eating me alive? My soul is now deep frozen. I dread it is dying and will not live to see spring. My heart is growing cold, so cold that it is getting harder and harder for me to feel love and sympathy. In this icy bitter cold world I am slowly dying barely surviving, clinging on to something I remember as life by using a dream; the dream of a new spring coming with new life, a dream of another life, a dream that includes the islands of Malta.

But I need more than dreams if I’m going to survive two or three months of this frozen Hell. I don't believe in a warm Hell. If hell means that I will be shovelling coal I will gladly be going there.

I have how ever been given a glimpse of hope from a little darling bumblebee. She has reminded me that just 7 miles from where I live there is a brand new swimming facility which has a sun beach. Not the sort you get a tan from but the sort you get daylight from. The kind of light you need to treat your winter depression. I am now trying to defrost my muscles and my willpower so that I can visit this beach. God knows that I need it.

1 comment:

  1. I'm sorry for your feelings...Living under such a cold weather must be tough.
    I hope imagining something warm and happy will make you feel better... Please take care.