Friday, 5 March 2010

A young deer dies

Today on my husbands birthday everything went wrong that could go wrong. I had to work overtime due to a young person’s bad choice. I wonder are we moving in to a dark era. A time when mothers don’t love their children and fathers just can’t be bothered? A time where nobody cares? I listen to far too many stories that all tell the same tale young people without support, without dreams and without hope. Some of them you want to take home some you want to cuddle and some you just want to shake hard and it just never ends. At last my work is done. Now finally I’m on my way home

My husband wants to go out and eat because it is his birthday so of we go. We have a nice time and food together with our children who are now more and more getting to be young adults. .

Then on the way home it happens.
A young deer came racing out from nowhere and he hits the car with a loud bang. My husband who was driving thinks he hit a dog. I sense panic in the car so I take command. I order them to stop and stay with the deer while I get help. The deer is not dead. I think he has broken his back and or has severe head injury. He is moving his legs and banging his head against the ground and bleeding through his nose.

I run for help knowing that he has to be put down. The lady in the house phones a hunter but the deer dies before the hunter arrives. Due to the severe cold weather the meat is wasted. The deer’s inside organs have to be removed and then the deer must be hung in a warm place for a couple of days. A warm place can not be found. The body will be cut up and thrown into the woods to the foxes
I hope that something good will come out of this tragic accident. Nature is sometimes cruel and it is hard on the animals. I hope that there are some animals that will gain from

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  1. I'm very sorry for the young deer...
    Things seem to be going wrong everywhere in the world, let alone here(I mean Japan). But...there will be good things after bad things, I hope...