Saturday, 20 February 2010

I have hope

I am beginning to hope! Hope that I am seeing the end of this winter. I feel different. It is no longer hopeless even if I live in an ice prison. The temperature has risen, its now + 0, 4°C outside and the snow is melting. May be the fact that I have a week off also should be taken in to account. The snow is melting and so is my heart. To have a winter depression is like going to hell and not knowing if you will come back. Something broke today, I pray it was the backbone of winter. I sat in my house and heard a rumble. It was an avalanche that came from the roof. Down came a lot of snow and ice with a bang. It felt so good. Now I have to be careful because it can be dangerous when the ice and the snow slide of the roofs like this. I do hope that this is the voice of spring.

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