Saturday, 2 January 2010

We went dutch

Yes we have gone Dutch!

Dutch came to us in April 1995, he is a Bouvier des Flandres and in the process of learning to know him I wonder: Is a dogs love less worth than a child's love? Well the convention says yes but I don't know.

Yes a dog is only a dog but no human has ever given me more love than Dutch has given me. And maybe that is right. Why should humans give me so much love?
Who am I? If you ask Dutch I'm the meaning of his life. O My good! How can I be the meaning of somebody’s life? This is a great responsibility.

What ever you think I feel that animals has given me fare more love than any human ever has been able to. I sometimes feeler like a Good when Dutch looks at me. Not only does he look at me, he worships me. And he worships the ground I walk upon and I feel blessed. Yes, Blessed!

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