Saturday, 10 April 2010

Busy bi

I am very tired after this long cold winter. Spring is definitely here. I am still cold though and my joints sometimes ache so much that I just have to cry for a while. I find that crying does help. I’m not the kind who will suffer in silence. When I’m done crying I look at the bright side of my life.

I have a husband whom I’m still madly in love with after 25 years and I know that the feeling is mutual. We have three boys who are just starting out their journey as young adults, well the youngest is only 15 but the other two are 18 and 21. In Sweden you come of age when you are 18. These young adults are eager to flap their wings. They fly of but they always return to the nest because they still need their parents. It isn’t easy for young people to find work these days.

I’m lucky, and my husband is lucky. We have jobs. My little 18 year old son has a part time job that he has got all by him self in a large technology department store. He does not want to go to university after college, not yet anyway. We’ll see. When you are 18 you want to fly of, out in the world, especially when you have broken up with your girlfriend and have been down for a while.

My 21 year old son has been to university. He is now an IT- network technician and he has just got a job in the production line at Campbell’s in Kristianstad in Sweden. Not the kind of work he has been training for but it is better than no job at all. It bugs me that one of the manager's sons who lack education altogether has received the job my son has education to do. I know that the production guys think it stinks.

They like my son because he isn’t a snob and apparently this can not be said about the other guy. May be things that goes around will come around. I do believe in that. Anyway, my son has also got a new flat which he will share together with his girlfriend. His girlfriend is an assistant nurse and she has got a job during the summer. Hopefully this can led to getting a more permanent job.

Life goes up and life goes down. We fall in and out of love. There are hardships and there is pleasure and I still have plans. I am still in full search of my life

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