Friday, 26 April 2013

My beautiful darlings, my red kites

I would like to share some red kite pictures with you. You are welcome to use my pictures but please, when you do, do not pass them on as your own. Put my name on them with a reference to my blog.

I have mentioned earlier that I’m passionate about birds of pray and especially the red kite. I can just stand and look and look at them. Their flight is so wonderfully effortless. They seem to enjoy flying and gliding on the warm up winds. Getting good picture of a red kite is one of my aims in life.

When I spot a red kite I have the habit of throwing my car in anywhere so I can get out and look at them and take picture. I’ll have to stop doing that. I’m so mad that the idea has crossed my mind to have raw meat on the roof top of my car so that I could attract them. I could then  take some good pictures.  Sadly there is something stopping me from doing that. Hmm, I wonder what it is.

I’m always in search of that great wildlife picture, it’s like a drug. When you get that great picture in your aim and something goes wrong, it bugs you for days, but when you get that perfect picture it is better than sex.


My passion for photographing started out with my first mobile phone camera. And from there on I went to a better mobile phone camera to an even better one. After that I wanted a camera. I didn’t want to jump on the system camera train at once. I want to take it step by step so I started reading up on camera reviews.

I wanted a camera with good zoom, good lens, fairly long battery time, no geotaging or face booking. That will only takes battery. I didn’t want it all automatic but I wanted to be able to take pictures in a sequence like 7 frames per second. And my last wish was to be able to do some editing in the camera. I found the Canon IXUS and I love it. I feel I’m learning more and more every day so I’ll hang on to this for a while. You know it is not only the camera that takes good pictures. The one behind the camera has something to do with it as well.

These are the best red kite pictures  I have up until now, but I’m still working on it  


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